Looking for a Family

Murphy | 1.5  years

Murphy is a cautious and cute guy. He is learning how adorable he is as is coming out of his shell and trusting his foster family. He is energy plus and likes to be part of the action. Murphy would do best in a home that has experience with dachshunds.

Maeve | 3  years

Maeve is a beautiful and shy girl whose personality is coming out each day with her foster parents. She is learning basic commands and how to love. In her previous life she was a breeder dog. She has come a long way with socialization and enjoying pets, cuddles and play.

Lexi | 5 years

Little Lexi is a true mini at 9.5 pounds. She is shy, affectionate and enjoys her toys. Right now she is enjoying being a dachshund with her foster family.

Adoptions Pending