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Chauncey  |  7 years

Chauncey weights about 19 pounds and is 100% dachshund. His happy place is snuggled under blankets, he loves walks, can hear a treat bag being opened from a mile away and loves to play with other dogs. He gives sweet kisses and frequently wants to be on a lap or cuddled up next to his fosters on the couch. He coming along well with house training--he scratches at the door to be let out, but still has an occasional accident. He has some special needs so he needs to find a home with understanding and patient humans. Chauncey has some food allergies and needs to be on a special food and a pill once per day. He also needs baths with a special shampoo to help keep his hot spots at bay. Since he had over 20 teeth removed, he has some trouble with harder food and treats, but he is figuring it out. Due to the medical conditions he had, he came to associate human touch with pain; however, he has made amazing progress. He needs some patient humans to help desensitize him to touch and show him lots of love. His ideal home has no small children and a doggy buddy who loves to play. He gets a little sad when his people leave and tends to howl, so it's a bonus if you work from home or if he is not left alone for long hours. He is crate trained and prefers to sleep there.

If you are interested in adopting Chauncey please email us an application. For questions send them to info@milehighdachshundsrescue.org.

Coming Soon!
Sadie  |  10 years

Sadie a little doll -- with emphasis on little as in  about 9 pounds. She's people-friendly, not afraid of strangers. We suggest a home with older kids and seems to do well with cats. As we get to know her better we will post more here and on social media. Please check Facebook and/or Instagram for when we will starting taking applications on Sadie.

Louie  |  10 years

Louie is housebroken, good with older children, loves walks and does well in the car. He needs supervision when someone new enters the house until he gets to know them. He is always up for a cuddle on the lap and sleeping next to his person at night. Louie will do the best as the only dog in the household. Please check back here, Facebook and/or Instagram for when we will start taking applications.


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